Helping in the heat

For disabled and older individuals, there is professional help available when they require it. This is what Diamond PAs specialises in. We are a reliable team that aims to offer the very best domiciliary care. Our assistants make sure clients receive the attention they need.

Domiciliary careWe experience heat waves every so often here in the UK. There are several positives to the hot weather. However, there are those who don’t enjoy it. Rising temperatures can result in a plethora of health problems. This is particularly true for the elderly. In order to ensure that everyone has the right support and does not struggle when it is hot, we have some tips for you to use to care for the elderly in the heat.


One of the most important things you need to do here is give people time to refresh. Having frequent cool washes, baths, and showers is an excellent way of lowering body temperature. At the same time, you can stay refreshed. Those with dementia might forget to do these things. Be patient with them and suggest they cool down with a cold shower or quick wash. Take a few damp washcloths inside a cool bag with an ice pack if you are going out for the day.

Have a rest

It is also ideal to take a rest. Preserving an active, healthy lifestyle is something that is always a great idea. It is even more important for patients with dementia. However, when it is hot, you should attempt to keep arduous physical activity to a minimum. Failing to do so can lead to excessive sweating. This itself results in dehydration and exhaustion. Consequently, the body’s ability to remain cool is undermined.

Choose flexible domiciliary care

At Diamond Personal Assistants, we promote the likes of inclusion, independence, and dignity. With our domiciliary care, elderly and disabled people can stay at home and enjoy a life that is fulfilling. Everyone is an individual and we intend to keep it this way.

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